• Mental Health/Substance Abuse: As a state we are faced with increased complexities around reduced access to quality mental health and substance abuse services. In a time when we are exposed to violence in the media and in our communities, pressures of life transitions, and increased usage of substances like opioids, we need to have the resources to provide opportunities for individuals and families to heal and gain the skills to manage these internal struggles. 


  • Senior services: Affordable housing, benefits accessibility, and quality healthcare are important issues impacting our seniors that are often faced with issues of transportation, limited income, rising medical costs, and food insecurities. I am sensitive to these issues, and committed to fighting for reducing barriers and increasing access for our over 65 population. 


  • Employment: Despite the economic record of low employment, many people have to work 2-3 jobs for families to “get by” in one of the richest nations in the world. We must fight for employment opportunities that allow people to support themselves and families and the flexibility to spend time with their loved ones. I am committed to issues like increasing the minimum wage and teacher’s salaries. 


  • Gun Safety: We are living in a time when the number of mass shootings and community violence has become so common that we have become desensitized and apathetic to the violence. I believe in the 2nd amendment and the right for every American to bear arms; however, as a society, we must put policies in place to get the types of mass-shooting weapons out of our communities and increase the requirements of mandatory background checks. These policies can go a long way to increasing the safety and peace-of-mind in our community.

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